Shapefile Importer GUI for PGAdmin3 (for mac)

By Katie Kowalsky | March 25, 2015

I had been struggling to add the Shapefile importer tool to PGAdmin3 for a PostGIS database we’re working on in my class but I figured out an alternative! As an aside, the shp2pgsql command line is totally great & amazing, but I wanted to have a GUI for when I want to be extra careful.

I downloaded the OpenGeoSuite from Boundless Geo and if you have the and pgAdmin3 installed (which is the setup I definitely recommend for Mac), when you open the geosuite, you can click on the utilities:

Which shows this:

pgadmin 1

pgadmin 2

The pgShapeLoader should be pulled in your applications folder and ta da! it’s installed.

Now How Do I Use This Thing?! Open the ShapeLoader to set up your connection details, which if you’re unsure about, can be copied almost word for word from PGAdmin3.

pgadmin 3

Then click add files…

pgadmin 4

After adding the file you can edit the SRID, the Geo Column, etc.

I’ve had no problem with this at all, but if it doesn’t work I recommend just using the command line.

QGIS has an option for this of course built in through their SPIT tool (and has a bunch of great data management tools in general that I’ll explain in the future)

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